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Daily Coaching Question #20

(Quick Notes)

Today’s coaching question is:

Who do you need to call?

I just got off the phone with Marshall Goldsmith, an author and executive coach at Forbes. His work is amazing, and we are going to be co-authoring a book. The book is going to bring in insights from his previous books and focus on topics for parents and teens. The idea for this book has been developing over time, and we have been talking about this project since we met at the ICF conference in Dubai 8 months ago.

It has been 8 months of trying to get this project off the ground, and it is finally going to happen because of a simple phone call. I asked Marshall for help bringing my idea out in to open to more people. Over the past few months, I brainstormed how we could work together to help one another and push our ideas further. It all started with an email, asking Marshall for a phone call; and that phone call is now leading to a book.

All it takes is the step of reaching out. So my question to you is:

Who do you need to call?

Thank you for watching. I look forward to thoughts and comments below.

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