Life Coach Certification

Certification as a life coach tells your future clients that you’re a professional and have acquired a valuable skill set. The path of certification is designed to ensure that you become an outstanding coach. Certified life coaches are more skilled, confident, and ultimately more successful in establishing their careers as life coaches.

Getting certified as a life coach is an important step in your path of establishing your life coaching career. Consider this page your guide to clarify life coach certification and the steps you need to take.


What is Life Coach Certification?

Becoming a Certified Academic Life Coach, and a Certified Coach with the ICF, is a mark of both a professional commitment and a statement of expertise as a life coach trained to work with youth. Receiving your certification is also a strong step in supporting this kind of work in schools. Hopefully one day, the standards set by Coach Training EDU will influence the future of education and teacher and counselor training.

Coach Training EDU Certification

Getting certified as an Academic Life Coach gives you a strong foundation to start building your life coaching career. (And it’s included in your training!) Coach Training EDU offers two levels of proprietary certification. Those two different levels are:

  1. An Associate Certified Academic Life Coach for coaches who complete the ALC 1.0 training program.
  2. A Certified Academic Life Coach for coaches who complete the 2.0 Coach Training Program.

To learn more about becoming certified as an Academic Life Coach with Coach Training EDU, click here.

ICF Certification

Coach Training EDU’s programs are also accredited by the International Coach Federation. Each 1.0 or 2.0 training program can be taken alone, or you can choose to complete the 1.0 level course, 2.0 Coach Training, and group mentor coaching in order to complete the full Accredited Coach Training Program.

  • 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training = 62.5 hours in an Accredited Coach Training Program
  • 2.0 Coach Training = 62.5 hours in an Accredited Coach Training Program
  • 1.0 ALC + 2.0 Coach Training + Group Mentor Coaching = Full Accredited Coach Training Program

To find out more about ICF certification, click here.

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