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The Fundamentals: Academic Coaching is the Future of Education

The skills, mindsets, perspectives, and creativity required to be successful in the current global environment is changing. Traditional education, based on transferring knowledge now easily accessible by the web, is outdated.

A new path of education, based on increasing empowerment and creativity, is being crafted and implemented. Academic Life Coaching (ALC) is one of the tools used to help young people recognize and realize their different intelligences and pathways to leading fulfilling adult lives.

Training to be a life coach and building your practice as an academic life coach furthers this transformation in education toward a model that prizes kindness and creativity as much as knowledge and academic intelligence. It’s career growth with a larger purpose.

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Academic Life Coaching™ was the very first coach training program to be approved by the ICF to offer Academic Life Coach Training and Certification.

Academic Life Coaching™ is the first life coaching training program to be approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to offer Life Coach Training and Certification specifically for advisors and educators and those wanting to work as a Academic Life Coach for high school, college, and graduate students.

The life coach training courses and program covers core life coaching fundamentals, additional tools specific to young people, and how to establish a successful Academic Life Coaching practice. Based on empirical research, informed by positive psychology, and refined by over a decade of experience, Coach Training EDU™ (CTEDU) delivers the online life coach course training program via live, interactive coach training.


The Academic Life Coach Training program is a core life coaching training course with additional tools specifically designed to empower students.

The training is for individuals and teams who want to add coaching skill sets to empower students and young adults with insights and experience to lead fulfilled, effective lives.

Academic Life Coach Training Online

CTEDU is pursuing accreditation through the US Dept of Education. Part of those requirements is to have over 70% of program graduates report on making training related income.

It’s a measure of how well vocational schools are preparing their graduates for success and offering support in building careers. CTEDU and the ALC coach training program exceed those standards. Your training includes tools to help you establish your practice and start earning income as an Academic Life Coach.

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“As an Academic Life Coach and Coach-Trainer, I get to leverage 21 years of classroom teaching, and make a personal and profound difference for young people. I can’t see myself doing anything else.”

- Culum Walsh, Graduate of the ALC training program

Elements of the Academic Life Coaching Program

Each of these courses may be taken individually or combined to complete the full Accredited Coach Training Program.


1.0 Academic Life Coaching Training

This foundational coach training program covers fundamental coaching skills, tools specific for working with young people, and business-building support to help you launch your life coaching practice.


Mentor Coaching

Hone your coaching skills and gain the mentor coaching hours you need for ICF certification.


2.0 Advanced Coach Training

This advanced coach training course integrates Positive Psychology and modern coaching concepts to expand on your coaching skills and prepare you for further certification with the ICF.

  • The Academic Life Coach Training and Certification program covers core life coaching competencies outlined by the ICF.
  • Our program prepares coaches to start their own practice or confidently deliver the Academic Life Coaching program through their school or organization.
  • Our ALC Training and Certification Program has been approved by the ICF.
  • The ICF is the leading global organization for setting professional standards for life coaching. Receiving the credential, or simply being trained by an ICF-approved organization, gives you credibility as a life coach.

How Our Education Model is Different


The Classroom Is Flipped

Lectures are prerecorded so class time is spent engaging with instructors and participants.


No Grades. Only Feedback

Assessments and checks for understanding are designed to guide, not judge. Exploration and creativity thrive in such a safe space.


Deep Work. Deep Learning

The clarity you gain from the feedback and one-on-one practice will transform you. You will grow as much personally as you do professionally.

“As a trained school counselor, I wasn’t sure whether or not I really ‘needed’ ALC training to get started coaching students. But I am so glad I took the plunge and registered for the course! The assistance and support I received, not just during my training but also for months afterwards as I started to set up my coaching business, was invaluable to me and ensured I was totally prepared from day one. My trainer, and the customer support team at ALC, were all so responsive and helpful, and I still feel like a part of their family.”

- Cynthia Cox, Graduate of the ALC training program

With ICF Certified Academic Life Coach Training Transform Education While Making Fantastic Colleagues & Connections

The best part of the training is the life-long friendships and connections you’ll make.

Coach Training EDU™ attracts distinguished institutions wanting to cultivate a coaching culture and outstanding individuals yearning to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Your training includes access to the Alumni Network with ongoing weekly webinars led by CTEDU’s founders, trainers, and special guests.

The network you create and have with Coach Training EDU™ is a tremendous asset to launching you to the next level in your career.

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Next Steps in the Online Academic Life Coach Training

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Our mission is to revolutionize the way people live, learn, and work by making coach training and certification as accessible as possible.

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Each course size is limited to 12 to 14 people for more time practicing tools and individualized attention. Courses often fill one to two weeks before start dates, especially at peak times or popular programs.

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Schedule a Demo for a behind the scenes look at the course materials and student portal.

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