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Next Sample Training Classes

Your opportunity to take the training for a test drive.

Next Sample Coach Training Class

May 7th at 3 PM Pacific

Transformation & Coach Training Session

Coaching & Transformation-1 Hour Life Coach Training

Each session we look at a different tool from the Academic Life Coaching and Coach Training EDU training program and take a deep dive into its origin, theory, and application. 

This is an interactive workshop designed to be experienced fresh biweekly. Open to prospective and current students as well as alumni. The workshops are live and fast paced. You’ll want a strong internet connection, a chance to review the 3-page PDF ahead of time, and a quiet place to experience the workshop. It’s the closest experience you’ll get to being in the real training.

60 Minutes. Live via Zoom. Optional 15 minute Q&A after. 

Next Business Builder Mastermind

May 14th at 9 AM Pacific

Business Mastermind

Business Mastermind--1 Hour Biweekly Workshop

ALC and CTEDU founder John Andrew Williams offers a biweekly Business Mastermind. Although these workshops are designed for current students and alumni, prospective students are welcome to register after speaking with an admissions advisor.

The workshops are fast paced, live on zoom. We usually take a dive into a specific websites, elevator pitches, sales calls, and whatever else coaches are facing as they establish their businesses.

60 Minutes. Live via Zoom.

Schedule of Upcoming Class Start Dates

To the right are start dates for 1.0 Academic and 2.0 Advanced Courses. Group mentor coaching cohorts start bimonthly and are usually recommended to start at least four months into your initial training. 

Each course begins with an orientation session, providing you with all the necessary information and setting you up for success. This is followed by an introductory class, ensuring a smooth and gentle start to the course material.

  • Session Format: Classes meet weekly for two hours via Zoom, offering convenience.
  • Recording Availability: Each session is recorded, so you can easily catch up or review the material at your convenience.
  • Number of Seats is Approximate. If a class is overbooked, we will start a waiting list. If a class is underfilled, we might set a new start date two to three weeks later. 
  • Participation Requirements:
    • A strong, reliable internet connection is essential.
    • Attendees should be in a quiet, distraction-free environment to maximize learning.
    • To maintain a focused and respectful learning atmosphere, please refrain from driving or eating during sessions.

July 17, 2024 | Wednesday 12-2 PM PT

August 23, 2024 | Friday 7-9 AM PT

Class Logistics

Each Course Meets Weekly.
Academic Life Coaching was a pioneer in developing a program designed to be delivered online in 2009. Within minutes you’ll feel like your in the same room with participants from all over the world.
All Sessions are Recorded.
The core of each program is a coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It prepares you to effectively coach any client on any topic from career pivots to health and wellness.
Easy to Make Up Missed Classes.
The program empowers you to facilitate transformative growth in individuals. It draws from a vast reservoir of scholarly research and practical applications in positive psychology.
Student & Alumni Events each week
The program integrates coaching principles within an academic framework. It features a student workbook containing more than 30 exercises, providing you with a rich resource to employ in your client sessions.

Life Coach Training & Certification Courses

The flagship coach training
course offered by ALC. 
1.0 Academic
Advanced tools and skills
developed for full-time coaches.
2.0 Advanced
The flagship coach training
course offered by ALC. 
Training to apply core coaching 
concepts to work with teams.
Tools and concepts to work
with athletes and teams.
ALC Sport
Self-study to add wellness
tools and certification.
Training that qualifies
you to be NHBWC certified.
Health Board
Self-study to add executive
coaching tools and certification.
Training and certification to address
belonging, equality, and inclusion awareness
and empowerment.
Relationship coach training
and certification that aligns
with ICF standards.

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