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Launch Your Coaching Career

Certified & Launched.

Join the movement to redesign education with coaching skills and launch your life coaching career.

Explore life coach training options, certification requirements, and business building tools by setting up a free 25 minute call with a success coach committed to finding the best path for you.

Innovative & Trusted.

Experience the first coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) specifically designed to train coaches to work with high school and college students.

Join a passionate community of over 700 coach graduates who rave about the positive training experience.

Effective & Proven.

Bring the Academic Life Coaching Program to your school, college, or university through online or in-person workshops.

Experience similar benefits as the University of Oklahoma which boosted freshman retention by over 4% through nurturing a culture of coaching and training 28 advisors in the Academic Life Coaching program.

Find a Trained & Experienced Coach.

Explore profiles of graduates of the Academic Life Coaching Program to find a coach for your son or daughter in your area.

As a parent, you’re invited to read ALC’s parent guide with a description of each coaching concept and suggestions on how you can best support your child to get the most benefit from coaching.