By John Andrew Williams

3 Keys to Make the Most of Summer

John Andrew WilliamsJun 23

Summer is an important time of year for students. Here are three keys to keep in mind when planning your summer break and preparing for success.


The Secret of Progress

John Andrew WilliamsApr 30

The undertaking of any project involves a bit of a risk. What if you run into an insurmountable roadblock or what if you botch it up and make it worse? Here’s the bad news: you can’t avoid the failure-point in a project. But there’s good news: reaching a failure-point still means progress. The deeper question: []


College Advisors as Developmental College Coaches

John Andrew WilliamsFeb 20

For 50 years many have recognized the value of college advisors who not only provide advice to their students, but help them grow as individuals. This is the work of a college coach.


What Is the Coaching Foundation for Developmental Advising

John Andrew WilliamsFeb 13

We have long recognized the value of academic advising, and how it can help college students stay on target and earn their degrees. Research has shown that advisors who focus on a warm, caring alliances with their students promote retention. This holistic, relationship-focused approach is known […]


How Agenda Setting Provides More Exploration through Structure

John Andrew WilliamsOct 04

Having sessions where a client experiences exploration is a hallmark of great coaching. A good session agenda provides even more exploration in coaching.


Why Should Coaches Bother with Agenda Setting?

John Andrew WilliamsSep 05

The International Coach Federation has an entire core competency focused on establishing the coaching agreement. A big part of this competency is performing solid agenda setting in coaching. What makes agenda setting so important?



John Andrew WilliamsAug 01

Challenges are an opportunity for learning, and when you focus on personal learning, problems seem to solve themselves.


2 Kinds of Learning

John Andrew WilliamsMar 06

Finding the right balance between the two types of learning is the ultimate challenge of academia.


What to do with the Overachievers

John Andrew WilliamsSep 14

A recent report shows the problems with grouping students based on age, and these results may open doors for change in education.


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