Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

July 11, 2015 by John Andrew Williams

Watch Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

The question for today is:

Who do you have who can hold you accountable?

My talk with Marshall Goldsmith was amazing, and I learned so much more from it. One thing that really struck me came from his theory on behavior change for adults. As a life coach, I know these concepts, but it is so hard to maintain them.

Marshall told me about a man who calls him daily in order to be held accountable for things he said he would do. This idea of having someone who can hold you accountable for things comes from Marshall’s book Triggers.

In my own life, I have used an accountability spreadsheet. However, I only lasted 2 months using it. I told Marshall about this, and he made me realize that I didn’t stop using the spreadsheet because I was busy. I stopped using it because I became discouraged at all of the zeros on it. I realized that I needed someone else to hold me accountable for the things on my spreadsheet.

Having someone else check your spreadsheet or hold you accountable for something you said you would do is the key to accomplishing great things. So my question to you is:

Who do you have who can hold you accountable?

Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing your thoughts and comments below.

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