Have Happiness Find You

July 08, 2015 by John Andrew Williams

Today’s life coaching question of the day is:

How can you design your life to create larger meaning and have happiness find you?

This is part 2 of my thoughts on Barbara Fredrickson’s talk at the International Positive Psychology Association conference. Her current research revolves around coming up with a test that separates people who seek out happiness and people who seek out positivity.

There is a distinct difference between these two things. Searching for happiness often does not lead to a feeling of satisfaction. When people seek happiness for the sake of being happy, they often do not put in the hard work that is necessary to achieve it. This pursuit leads to people to want more and leaves them dissatisfied.

However, individuals who seek positivity appear to be more inclined to do the hard work that is necessary. They are willing to do things that do not necessarily make them happy in the short term, in order to better others, and eventually themselves. When you do that kind of work, happiness finds you.

This idea is powerful and can make a big difference in people’s lives. So my question to you is:

How can you design your life to create larger meaning and have happiness find you?

Watch Have Happiness Find You

Thank you for watching. I look forward to your comments and thoughts below.

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