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Daily Coaching Question #15

(Quick Notes)

Today’s question of the day is:

How have you built your hope and resilience habit?

I just returned from the International Positive Psychology Association Conference in Florida. Dr. Martin Seligman gave tour de force talk about the latest advancements in our understanding of the brain. He spoke about a study done conducted in 2010 on the DRM, an area of the brain that sends out messages about alert and danger. Seligman discussed how the DRM is wired for helplessness, which means that we are wired for helplessness.

Bottom-line: Resilience to this is learned and is a form of higher brain functioning.

Life coaches, educators, and other individuals who are concerned about happiness and life fulfillment have the opportunity to build resilience and hope in ourselves and others.

So the question of today is:

How have you built your hope and resilience habit?

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