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Daily Coaching Question #12

(Quick Notes)

Today’s question of the day is:

What needs to break in order for you to create something beautiful?

Oftentimes, beautiful things are born out of necessity. This was my experience with laser life coaching, and it has made me realize that sometimes it takes a breaking point in order for amazing things to happen. It all happened when I was double-booked with a coaching session and another important meeting one day. I had to find a way to meet with both people, so I proposed a shorter and split up session to my coaching client. This experimental session was the genesis of a new kind of coaching, where the session is broken into sections to allow the client to work on a project in the middle of two shorter coaching sessions. Laser life coaching was developed out of necessity and has grown into something that will be talked about more in the future. These type of breaking points are brilliant for coming up with something new, so ask yourself:

What needs to break in order for you to create something beautiful?
Thanks so much for watching these videos. I look forward to your comments and thoughts below.

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