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Thought of the day:  Imagine what you wanted to achieve was achieved. What would be your story? What would your first step have been?

Now let’s take a little jump to the future. (You may need yesterday’s post on this one, but maybe not. Depends on how adventurous you are, I guess.)

I couple days ago I was watching Georgia, my three year old, climb a tree. It was a beautiful day. The wind was crisp and clear. And we have a little tree in the front yard that’s just about the right height and branches for a 3-year old to climb.

She spent about 20 minutes climbing up and down the tree – talking out loud about all sorts of stuff – and at one point she said something fascinating.

If you’re three and climbing a tree, you’re going to get yourself tangled up in some crazy situations. It’s the byproduct of super-flexibility combined with just learning how to operate the body.

And there was this one time when she had her feet crossed – totally screwed up no way to get down from that position – but she said to herself, “I got down before. I know I can do it again.”

And she got down.

I didn’t think she was going to do it. I mean, she had her right foot holding her weight on top of her left foot, and it’s the left one that really needed to make it down next. It was like a Dr. Seuss drawing.

It’s a simple concept proven over the years. Consider that programmer at Apple who programmed the windows that could rest on top of each other, even cutting out part of the other window.

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  • Debbie Franks

    I like this process of thinking backwards, starting with the assumption that you CAN do something! I am going to try working this idea into exam prep with my AP English Comp students next month.

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