Other People Are Awesome

January 16, 2014 by John Andrew Williams

Thought of the Day: Hopeful People Are Awesome

Bonding with people who have lots of hope is even awesome-r (and did you know that Apple doesn’t like the word awesome-r so I had to put a stupid dash after awesome. It literally self-corrects it even if you type it 20 times. I guess I could turn off auto-correct, but, hey, who has that kind of time just to type out one word?) in the sense that being around hopeful people makes it more likely for you to have hope.

Which thus makes it more likely of you producing things that invoke awe, the root of awesome.

If you hang out with people who care enough to know the root of the word awesome, you’re probably on your way to becoming that kind of person too.

And that’s awesome.

Studies have now known that if you hang out with people who are more hopeful, you’ll probably become more hopeful too.

And it’s also instant gratification too. The minute you start hanging out and are exposed to hope, you start to pick it up.

It’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who lift you up, who are hopeful for themselves and for others. We’re all on the same team. And it’s helpful to hang with people who believe that and who have hope.

There have been times when I had a weekly or bi-weekly check-in with people to talk about goals for our week, our hopes, our concerns. The format was usually a simple, I’ll go for a certain number of minutes, then the other person or people would go for a similar time.

It helped.

And it’s remarkably easy to set up. Here’s a pdf that you can fill out as a structure with these questions:

What do you really want to accomplish this week?

What would you rely on when it gets tough or challenging?

What helps you know that you can accomplish it?

The questions can change week to week, but the idea is the same: let’s talk about what matters. Take risks. Be vulnerable and share our hopes and concerns.

And then let’s get out there and do the work.

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