Social Justice [Citizenship Day 2]

April 15, 2014 by John Andrew Williams

Today’s Thought: If you could design a society, what would you change?

Here’s a philosophical question entertained by ancient philosophers such as Aristotle Plato and Socrates. Imagine you had the opportunity to design a society, what kind of society would you design?

And just to make it more fun, imagine that you are going to be born again into any one of the positions that you’ve created, what further changes would you make?

Looking at today’s society, with the Internet and so much powerful technology fingertips of so many people, the playing field has never been as level as it is today. However, the concentration of wealth has never been higher. And it seems that wealth matters and self-perpetuates. For instance Parkrose High School graduates a little over half of their entering class, while a school like Lake Oswego, which enjoys a much wealthier demographic, graduates nearly 90% of their entering class.

Circumstances have a huge impact on future success.

Yet Education has often been seen as a vehicle for social justice because it can level the playing field. It’s the one of the reasons why education is held in such high regard, and it’s part of the mission of Academic Life Coaching to have an Academic Life Coach in every high school in the world.

Imagine if every teenager learned core life coaching concepts at the age of 15?

Imagine the impact those skills would have over two generations.

It’s Academic Life Coaching’s recipe for elegant and profound social change and social justice.

If you could change anything in society, what would you change?

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