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Daily Coaching Question #10

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Today, the question is:

How can I improve my psychological immune system?

The term psychological immune system is coined by Gilbert and Wilson, and it is extremely useful in helping us understand how we can adapt to modern day stressors and maintain our positivity.

Here is a link to Dan Gilbert’s Ted Talk about psychological immune system and its implications for happiness:

With technology, the stakes are different for us now than they were for our ancestors. However, there are tools we can employ in order to maintain and improve our psychological immune system. Personally, I take a deep breath and think about babies and puppies when I feel myself starting to get worked up or stressed. This method works for me, and helps me tap back into my centered self when something bad is happening. Knowing techniques that work for you is important for dealing with daily life stresses, so ask yourself:

How can I activate and improve my psychological immune system?
Thank you for watching. I look forward to seeing your thoughts and comments below.

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