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High school students, I need you to hear me out for a second.  As a relatively recent parent (my oldest is about 5) and as someone whose age is about equidistant between your age and your parents’ age, I feel like I can understand both sides of the coin.  Here’s my message to you: You have no idea how much a parent loves their child.  It’s insane to hold your infant and realize how much you love another being.  It trumps anything you’ve ever experienced and that’s what you represent to your parents.  They are trying the best they can to help you so that you can succeed.What I think get’s lost along the way, is that parents either don’t know how to help on the college application or they take so much of the stress on themselves.  Most parents get super amped up about the process.High school students, you can help.  Simply by acknowledging the sentences in bold to your parent and telling them that you appreciate their intention and their love, you’ll see how the tension and anxiety of the college application will subside.

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