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I overheard a conversation at a coffee shop yesterday where a camera man talked about the director of a film that was debuting that night.

He said, “Tonight will either make or break him.”

The crowd outside the theater was impressive and no doubt held a few reviewers from local papers.

But the camera man is wrong.  Success isn’t made overnight.  Even if the movie flops, the director will have learned something and his success will depend on how resilient he is and if he can muster the energy to make another movie.

Even if the movie is wildly successful, to secure his career, he’ll have to follow-up with another hit.

With the fleeting nature of success, it’s so much more important to focus on whether or not you actually like the activity and work that’s ahead of you.

The chance to make that work art and add your emotion and passion to it?  Priceless.

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