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How do you measure the quality of your life?

  • The grades you’re getting?
  • The amount of fun you’re having?
  • How clean your room is?
  • The fulfillment in your relationships?
  • The great weekend you had?
  • The vacations you take?
  • The number of friends you have?
  • The quality of your friendships?
  • The amount of money in your bank account?
  • The amount of work in front of you?
  • How much you like what you’re doing?
  • The amount of sleep you got?
  • The quality of the food you eat?
  • The awards you got?
  • The amount of laughter in your life?
  • The feeling of loving your work and being in flow?
  • The feeling of pushing through something hard and accomplishing it?
  • The great workout you got?
  • The workouts you skip?
  • The number of hours you get to watch tv?
  • The number of movies you watch in a month?
  • Your clothing?
  • Your house?
  • Your ride?
  • Your health?
  • The health of your loved ones?
  • Your spirituality?
  • How you feel you are growing as a person?

Time taken aside to think about what’s really important is precious.  Knowing what assumptions you make about the quality of your life offers priceless guidelines for what to focus on and where to put your energy.

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