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Cost and Logistics of Working with a Coach

The cost and logistics of the Academic Life Coaching program vary from coach to coach. Below are some general guidelines when it comes to the cost and logistics of finding a coach.

Average Pricing

The cost of the Academic Life Coaching program varies based on each coach’s geographic location, experience, and availability. Most coaches charge between $1000 and $2100 for the 10-session program and then add on additional coaching sessions at an hourly rate.

Many experienced life coaches, such as John Andrew Williams, Hayden Lee, and Gina Halsted charge between $2000 to $2100. In comparison, recently-certified Academic Life Coaches typically charge somewhere around $1000 to $1200 for the 10-session program.

As a guideline, most Academic Life Coaches do not want the cost of the life coaching program to prohibit students from experiencing and benefiting from the Academic Life Coaching program. Be sure to discuss options with your coach – she or he will more than likely be able to work with you. If finances are the determining factor for you and/or your family, coaches who are currently in the 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training program (the training program that results in them becoming certified coaches) are required to take on at least one non-paying, practice client throughout their training. If you or your student would be interested in working with one of our coaches-in-training, contact us, and we will find you someone to work with.

How can I find out more?

The best way to find out more about the pricing structure and process of Academic Life Coaching is to set up an initial interview with an Academic Life Coach. Some Academic Life Coaches offer the initial interview for free, while others charge some fees between $50 to $100. This is an opportunity for your student to experience what coaching is like and see if it is something she/he would be open to trying.


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