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Meet the Founders

From College Sweethearts to Coaching Power Houses

John and Amois met in freshmen orientation at Brown University in 1998. A few years later, Amois found coaching, got trained, and started her practice. She got John, who was teaching high school Latin, into coaching and soon he was also trained and started working with students as an academic life coach.

John founded Academic Life Coaching as a training organization in 2009, training Rawan in Dubai and Gina from Boston in the first official ICF approved coach training specifically for high school and college students.

A few years later in 2012, John and Amois co-founded Coach Training EDU as they expanded the training offerings to include Health and Wellness as well as Executive coach training.

John’s been a writer for Newsweek Education, speaker at ICF conferences from New York to Switzerland, and the author of five books including the 1.0 ALC textbook. Amois has been an advocate for healthy living and lifestyles and is the author of the 1.0 Wellness textbook.

About Academic Life Coaching, the Organization

Since 2009 Academic Life Coaching has been on the forefront of the student empowerment movement. It was the founded department of Coach Training EDU and continues to be one of the flagship programs offered by CTEDU.

Our mission is revolutionize education, wellness, and the way we work to help promote human flourishing. We are passionate about increasing human creativity and resilicne. We believe that coaching concepts and the field of coaching is, and will, make a meaningful contribution to positive change on a global level.

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Years experience

With years of experience in the industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

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Graduated Coaches

Over the past 15 years over 2000 coaches trained in the Academic Life Coaching program. And over 3000 more trained in CTEDU's (ALC's parent organization).

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Countries Represented

ALC has trained coaches in over 30 countries and has presented at ICF chapters and conferences from New York to Dubai.

Learning Philosophy

Our learning philosophy combines hands-on experience and success with positive psychology concepts and current education best-practices. We fully embrace a growth-mindset, empowerment basis of education. Four key factors form the basis of our learning philosophy: 

Expert Certified Trainers

Quality education provided by certified trainers.

Interleaved Lessons

Bite-sized concepts and exercises to integrate into your skill set.

Actionable Feedback

Assessment opportunities to offer insight, clarity, and next steps.

Learning to Mastery

Opportunities to integrate feedback to reach high standards.

Standards Matter. Let's Make Coaching Official.

Academic Life Coaching is actively working toward State regulated standards and recognition of coaching and academic life coaching. Such standards and legislation would mean someone needs to be certified to use the title ‘Academic Life Coach’ and ‘Life Coach.’ Progress is being made, and in the next few years, it’s likely that a state will take up the measure.

ALC is working with and sponsoring organizations setting universal standards for Academic Life Coaching in Higher Education. ALC and Coach Training EDU were proud to sponsor the 2023 Coaching in Higher Education Consortium Conference. The energy in the field–and the remarkable benefits students experience from working with a coach–make it an exciting time to be in such a fulfilling field. 

And we’ll continue to move the field forward. Academic Life Coaching is larger than a coaching school. It’s a statement and blueprint for what the future of education will look like. 


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