You’ve made it to the life coach training materials page. Well, almost. Clicking on the buttons below will take you to a list of your specific training class, or if you’re checking out the sample training materials, you’ll get access to a few nuggets of life coaching gold. As for the self-study, tip of the hat. We’re here to help and just an email away if you need us. For the good folks following the professional development path, well, let’s be real, you’re either in it because you have to (how about them continuing education credits) or because you love it. Either way, you’re in for a treat. It’s our aim to give you the best of what we know and what we’ve discovered doing this work with students over the past ten years in a way that’s even more fun than your junior year history class. Enjoy!

Because there are a lot (and in general we don’t like to use the word a lot a lot), but let’s say about 30 hours of audio, PDF’s of 5 books, 20 plus additional print materials and presentations, and a video added each week per class, there are links aplenty on the materials page. If for some silly reason (read: human error, typo) or some mean reason (read: computer error, please be nice computers!) a link is not working, please send us a quick email using the contact form. One of our passionate and diligent people at Academic Life Coaching HQ will be on it. We’ll get back to you quickly with either a note that the link is now working or an email with links to the desired materials (and we’ll keep working on the web side of things).

Thanks so much for your understanding. And please, enjoy the materials! It took a lot of time recording and putting these together, and let’s just say that we’re pretty pleased with the state of the programs.

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