Lindsay Helm

Lindsay Helm

About Lindsay Helm

Lindsay has always loved helping high school and college students, with a passion for empowering them with the skills they need early on to shape a successful and fulfilling life down the road.  She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Education.  She then went on to complete her Master’s in Professional Counseling at the University of Pennsylvania, where she specialized in helping teens and young adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues.  Despite her extensive training and education, she still felt like something was missing, that she could do more to help her clients.  Her counseling sessions often circled around stress about school, strained family relationships, and anxiety about college.  While leading an adolescent outpatient addiction program at a local treatment center, Lindsay discovered Academic Life Coaching and immediately realized the value and applicability of the life coaching concepts for this age group.  She knew she’d found what was missing, and certainly wished she’d had an Academic Life Coach in high school and college!

Upbeat and enthusiastic by nature, Lindsay loves creating a safe and fun atmosphere for her clients to learn about themselves, discover what matters most in their lives, and design steps to move forward with clarity and purpose.  She is thrilled to offer the ALC program and coaching services to Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Offers coaching :

  • In-person throughout Chester County and Southeast PA
  • Via Skype or telephone nationwide

Fun Facts about Lindsay

  • I love reading mystery and detective novels, particularly series with recurring characters.  My current favorite characters are Elvis Cole and Joe Pike from author Robert Crais.
  • I grew up as quite the tomboy.  In 4th grade I asked my parents if I could play football with the boys, and they, of course, said no.  I got my “revenge” when my high school started a women’s rugby team my freshman year. I went on to play rugby for 9 years, and was honored to be named to the Ivy League All Tournament Team and later the MARFU U23 Select Side.
  • My husband and I spent our honeymoon in beautiful Ireland.  While it was often chilly and rainy, we had a blast and hope to go back one day!

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