Brenda Niemeyer

Brenda grew up in a small coastal community near Newport, OR and graduated from Multnomah University with a double major in Educational Ministries and Biblical Studies. After graduation she spent the next 14 years working for a large campus ministry mentoring students, providing a support role for regional and national student events, networking locally and globally to connect students with opportunities to serve the underprivileged and co-leading teams of college students to serve in orphanages in Mexico.

Brenda’s work with college students, foster youth and orphans ultimately led her to the field of coaching as she sought a new method or approach to helping teens thrive – mentoring is a great thing and she remains a fan, but it keeps the adult in the positon of the expert and the student in the position of a learner. Put a student in the position of the expert in their own life and things really begin to get interesting. This is the key to coaching.

The Academic Life Coaching program offers students the opportunity to explore who they are and what they are capable of. The excitement of self-discovery and ownership of what is to come is a powerful motivator that moves teens toward a fulfilling future only they could envision, create and live out through their unique strengths and abilities. This approach opens so many doors for teens.

Offer coaching :

  • Locally in Bigfork, MT and surrounding areas
  • By phone
  • Online via video conferencing

Fun Facts About Brenda

  • Camping, kayaking, and horseback riding are among some of my favorite things to do.
  • I love gourmet cooking, am interested in holistic health and can’t pass up a good cup of coffee!

Why she likes to work with kids

Their desire to do something meaningful with their lives is inspiring. I love helping high school and college students think through who they are as a unique individual and what kind of life will hold the greatest fulfillment for them and open up the greatest number avenues of opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others in their communities and beyond.

What does she love the most about where she lives

I love that our community is authentic, service oriented, and places a high value on social justice. The added bonus of breathtaking beauty in every direction and easy access to all kinds of outdoor adventures make this an incredible place to call home!

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