About Christina Granahan

Christina Granahan has lived in the Northeast for her entire life, but has had the itch to travel and learn about the world for equally as long. It is this curiosity that led her to coaching. Christina spent the first 19 years of her career as a clinical social worker, working with myriad people and settings including health care, academic and community health centers. When Christina leaned into the coaching profession in 2009, she knew that coaching was a gift she wanted to bring to young adults. Imagine what could open up for them if they knew when they were in their teens what drove them, what they valued, and how to put aside that little voice in their head that held them back from whoever it is that they are were meant to be?

After completing her coach training in 2010, she practiced both social work and coaching until she came upon the Academic Life Coaching curriculum and became an ALC certified coach in 2016. She works from a core belief that if we give students the insight into their own patters of thinking, learning and communicating, we also equip them with the questions to ask themselves in those moments when they are stuck – paralyzed by fear, shame, worry – that will pull them out and set them on the way to strong academic achievement. This self-knowledge and curiosity serves them in all areas of their lives including their relationships with family and friends, communicating with teachers, bosses and college admissions officers, and on the athletic arena, music hall, or art studio.

Christina works with students wherever they are: younger teens who are trying to navigate high school, older teens looking to apply to college, gap year programs or jobs, and young adults who are looking to settle into a meaningful career.

When she is not in the world professionally, Christina is working to support four children grow into adulthood with the same guiding principle she uses in her work life: the belief that we are all put on this earth to be leaders, taking responsibility for the impact we have in the world and carving out the life we were meant to have.

Fun Facts About Christina

She has 4 teenagers and has traveled smooth and rocky paths with each of them. So far, she has managed to parent two of them through high school and the college process; the other two are quickly approaching those years, as well!
Her sense of humor never really moved past middle school which endears her to her coaching clients and puts them at ease pretty quickly;
She once met Mother Teresa when the now Saint Teresa of Calcutta, visited a local prison and had to land her helicopter in her friend’s yard to do so;
Her dog, HatTrick, is as important to her as just about anything.

Why Academic Life Coaching?

Christina absolutely loves this time in life: from the teenagers themselves, to young adult literature, to movies for and about teenagers … her strength in helping kids navigate the growth, learning and emotions during this time makes Academic Life Coaching a wonderful fit.

What is great about Boston?

Christina was the 7th generation in her family to be born in Concord, MA and after college and her first couple of jobs, returned to live in a neighboring town. She loves it because her family is close, there is a strong value of education and wellness, and for the 4 distinct seasons that allow for all different kinds of fun with her family.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in Boston and surrounding area(s)
Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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