David Roux

David Roux graduated with honors from the University of North Dakota with a BA in Music.  Upon graduation, he and his wife, Stephanie, joined the staff of Cru – an international missions organization focused on engaging college students’ spiritual life.

While on staff with Cru, David experienced many roles that developed him as a leader.  Those experiences included having late night conversations with college students, mentoring students, leading summer missions programs, touring as a rock drummer (yep!), leading a creative communication department, and being a Leadership Development & HR Director.

David’s 18 years of experience working with students opened his eyes to some specific needs they have today.  Students are stressed academically & relationally, distracted, lacking self-awareness, unsure of their own purpose & direction, and lacking important life skills. David’s vision is to see students navigate life with a strong sense of who they are and where they are going.  As a student discovers those two things, he or she will gain more confidence and hope about their future.

Offer coaching :

  • One-on-one coaching in person
  • Online through Skype or FaceTime.

Fun Facts About David

  • He lives in the Indianapolis, IN area with Stephanie and their 3 kids
  • He is a sports and music guy
  • He could spend all day with family and good friends, near mountains or a body of water, eating good food, and engaging in significant conversation.

Why he likes to work with kids

I love the energy of young people.  I love to help them discover who they are at a core, and help them live it out.  The more self-aware a kid becomes the better off they will be heading out into the world. Lastly, kids (and our overall culture) have become really good at performing or doing things, but they are losing their well-being. I call it…becoming “human doings” vs “human beings”.  I want to help kids build some core life skills at a foundational level like building a strong basement.  I also think that developing life skills that are useful will give kids a strong sense of Purpose, Passion, & Fulfillment.

What does he love the most about where he lives

I think the best thing about Indianapolis and the greater area is that it’s growing.  It’s developing into a place where families want to live.

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