About Bryan Hendley

Dr. Bryan Hendley has spent his entire career teaching, coaching, and encouraging others. With extensive experience in building teams, teaching, and investing in people, Bryan enjoys using creativity and outside of the box thinking to solve problems and develop solutions.

During his time coaching and teaching at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels, Bryan has worked with a wide range of individuals, while facilitating growth in learners from a variety of socio-economic, intellectual, and athletic backgrounds.

There’s more to this life than following the script of someone else, or carrying around burdens based on what “they” say. Bryan is passionate about helping equip people with the tools necessary to reach their potential, determine their roots, and live their life.

Fun Facts About Bryan

  • I have two children. A daughter, Hope and a son, Harper.
  • I misspelled cabinet in my 4th grade spelling bee.
  • I currently teach in the same classroom that my mom taught in 25 years ago.

Why Academic Life Coaching?

In my experience as a high school and college coach, I worked with so many students who were ill prepared to make the important decisions surrounding college and career. I saw firsthand the stress and confusion that these choices brought on, and I’m excited to have an opportunity to serve students and families in developing helpful skills during an important time in their lives.

What is great about St. Simons Island?

I love the feel of a small town, and we are always less than five minutes from the beach.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in St. Simons Island and surrounding area(s)
Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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