Olayinka Akanni

Olayinka Akanni

About Olayinka Akanni

Olayinka Akanni is a Certified: Academic Life Coach, Youth coach and Academic Life coach.she is the Chief Profit Optimizer in Zaynee Corals concepts and the Head Coach of Teens nurture Inc, founder of both fast growing companies. She is passionate about empowering minds with her liberating teachings /coaching for pre teens, teenagers, SMEs owners and craft minded people

Her business adventure started with ZAYNEE CORALS CONCEPTS as an hobby in 2008 while studying in the University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB) which grafted into a SME in 2012 .After graduating from the University of in 2010, she had the privilege to serve her country via NYSC in a senior secondary school in Abia state where she had her first closest access to many teenagers. She found out that there was a missing gap between academics and life success, and for teenagers they can easily get frustrated at it especially when they believe they are isolated. And since then she has been in pursuit of this missing gap.

Launching into her foundational coach trainings with The Character and Self Esteem (CASE) Institute in Anderson-Indiana, America; she knew she had found the missing gap in 2013. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standard of global certification, her coach specific training from Academic Life Coaching with the great man john Andrew Williams as the instructor has really enhanced and empowered her coaching abilities. She is also equipped with life skills teaching skills.

Olayinka is a writer, speaker and a positive influence. She has coached over 50 pre-teens and teenagers on how to discover who they are early enough, organised 5 succesful programs for teenagers, volunteered with various educational Institutes to teach life skills to people. she has written over 40 step by step craft guide for beads and wireworks training, designed 4 tools for craft business synchronization and optimizing, written 2 books for craft customer satisfaction and trained over 300 people in collaboration with other organizations on not just the production of craft but also making a business of their skills.

Olayinka hates ignorance, mediocrity and biasness, she is passionate about empowerment and turning skills to professionalism, she is currently working on an institute to train school teacher in other to revolutionalize education in Africa, she loves teenagers and advocates for them to live and be addressed as a noble royalty, she is a Nigerian and peaceably married to her best friend, Ayorinde Akanni.

Offers coaching :

In-person coaching in Lagos State
Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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