About Diana Chang

    Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Diana’s career in the education space began upon graduation from university, when she represented her school as their international admissions coordinator. The full cycle of recruitment, admissions, and retention allowed her to speak candidly about the admissions process to prospective families. Traveling across China and India, she quickly realized how rewarding it was to meet students from different backgrounds and be part of their quest to find their ideal school. She later served as director of admissions at a start-up boarding school in Ontario where she deepened her love for education as an empowering gateway to create the life you want (should students choose to seize their opportunities). She’s currently based in Vancouver, BC and enjoys the myriad mountain hikes and trails in her own backyard. To date, she’s completed over 450 hours of parent/student interview coaching & admissions consulting, worked with students from Suzhou to Seoul, and traveled across over 29 countries. She completed her ALC qualifications fall 2018 and is ecstatic to be an ALC newbie, to grow her network of friends and colleagues.

    Fun Facts About Diana

    • I make my own all-purpose cleaner with essential oils (doTerra!)
    • I can do 6 chin-ups
    • Squash is my all-time favourite sport

    Why Academic Life Coaching?

    I love how the program helped me to develop my own self-awareness and coaching style when working with students. ALC took my natural strengths and helped me identify ways to contribute even more positively in the education space. I was challenged to shed limiting beliefs about my own capacities and was also frequently empowered by my peers, through our weekly, in-depth (and at times, emotionally charged) peer coaching sessions. I love the introspective powers of academic life coaching which goes far beyond simply getting admitted to a post secondary institution, rather, is about partnering with a student in their quest for self-confidence, self-awareness, and ultimately, courage to craft a life they love.

    What is great about Vancouver, BC?

    Often hailed as “the most beautiful place on earth”, one thing I most love about my city are the myriad hikes, ski slopes, waterways, and outdoor adventures that are at the tip of my fingers. The lush beauty of Vancouver is inspiring and keeps me focused and aligned with prioritizing health and wellness. I also love the dynamic and multicultural people, food, and communities here!

    Offers coaching :

    In-person coaching in Vancouver, BC
    Via Skype or Telephone worldwide

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