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Academic Life Coaching was founded in 2005 by John Andrew Williams, a middle school and high school Latin teacher. Passionate about alternative methods in education, he began exploring ways to use powerful life coaching concepts to help students improve emotional intelligence and design their future.


What started as the glimmer of an idea evolved into the Academic Life Coach Training Program, a published Super Training Guide and ALC Workbook, and a network of trained coaches equipped with valuable tools to transform the lives of young people.

Since the program launch, Academic Life Coaching has trained over 300 coaches and educators, in over 27 countries. Academic Life Coaching has also worked with several universities, high schools, and nonprofit organizations. As the network grows, so do the results of our efforts.

At Academic Life Coaching we consistently see positive change in the lives of our students. We have learned that positive feedback, coupled with conscious learning, is essential for giving students the tools they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Young people are eager to do their best. Yet they often do not know how or why something is not working. After just a few short weeks, students in our program begin to experience positive results as new habits are reinforced with tangible feedback and encouragement.

The founder of Academic Life Coaching, John Andrew Williams, has published five books, been a columnist for Newsweek, and has been featured by dozens of organizations.

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