Academic Life Coaching: Education Redesigned.

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Life Coaching for Teens

Over the past 8 years, hundreds of teenagers have proven the Academic Life Coaching Program works. In the ALC Program, students address:

- Stress over grades

- Frustration in relationships

- Personal leadership

- Pursuing their passion

- Motivation

- Anxiety about college

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Life Coach Training

Academic Life Coaching is one of the few organizations in the world to offer an International Coach Federation (ICF) recognized training program that trains and certifies Life Coaches to work specifically with teenagers. In the last 3 years, over 100 coaches from LA to Dubai have successfully graduated from our program. Want to have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of teenagers? The Academic Life Coach Training Program is for you.

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The Buzz

We are on a mission to help design the future of education to include effective character and leadership development. Since 2005, we’ve been delighting families and schools. See what others have said about us and our work.

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Thoughts on approaches to learning, sustaining motivation, the future of education, and parenting.


What can Academic Life Coaching do for you?

We specialize in two areas: delivering one-to-one coaching to teenagers and training other professionals to do the same. Over the past eight years, students who complete the Academic Life Coach Program report:

Increase Confidence 89%
Improve GPA 92%
Report Greater Well-Being 87%
Get into 1 of their top 3 college choices 95%

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Life Coaching for Teens

Life Coaching and Youth Mentoring

Academic Life Coaching is a leader in Life Coaching for teens. Based on empirical research as well as first-hand experience, the Academic Life Coaching Program consists of 10 sessions covering 32 key concepts tailored to address the challenges most teenagers face.

Since 2005 the ALC Program has helped hundreds of teenagers (students in Middle School, High School, and College) increase their Emotional Intelligence as well as build their leadership, communication, and academic skills.

The program also addresses the best ways to manage stress, get good grades, maintain motivation, and approach college applications.

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Life Coach Training & Certification

ICF Approved Life Coach Training

Academic Life Coaching is the first coaching training company to be approved by the ICF to offer Life Coach Training and Certification specifically for educators and those wanting to work as a Life Coach for teens.

Established in 2005 by Newsweek contributor and author of four books, John Andrew Williams, Academic Life Coaching has trained over two hundred coaches throughout the world, from LA and New York to Dubai and Asia. The training covers core life coaching fundamentals, concepts specific to teenagers, and how to establish a successful Academic Life Coaching practice.

We’re a passionate group of people working to help teenagers and redesign education.

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What our coaches think of Academic Life Coaching.
  • “[ALC Coaching Training] gave me the tools I needed… I could feel students’ struggles, feel their anxiety… I never quite understood why that was happening, and I now I understand. There’s been an enlightenment for me. I believe this program is necessary.”

    - Karen Fromme, Certified Academic Life Coach -

  • “I’m thrilled I found [Academic Life Coaching] and appreciate all the hard work put in to tailoring it for teens! Coaching with a high-risk teen was the real test. Now that I’ve experienced it working so beautifully, I’m more convinced than ever that jumping on board your program to incorporate into our services was the right call. I’m loving it!”

    - Leah Mazzola, Certified Academic Life Coach -

  • “Knowing that I’ve got the backup of my family, that’s what I’d consider this group… I know I can fall back on a tremendous group of people to help move me forward.”

    - Stan Manly, Certified Academic Life Coach -

  • “I’ve had so many awesome self-reflections in this program that I would not have had without it, and I’m just so excited for how I can help kids. I love empowering kids. It’s huge for me. I love seeing kids take control of their lives and their education.”

    - Alison Batey, Certified Academic Life Coach -

Academic Life Coaching: Education Redesigned.

Enter your email below to enroll in our FREE 5-Part Life Coach Training Series. You will learn first-hand the power of Life Coaching - from the client and coach point-of-view.