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“This coach training was a game changer. I grew as much personally as I did professionally.”

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Life Coaching for Students

Life Coach Training

Based on empirical research as well as first-hand experience, the Academic Life Coaching Program is a ten session coaching program that helps students increase their Emotional Intelligence as well as build their leadership, communication, and academic skills. The program also addresses the best ways for high school and college students to manage stress, get good grades, and maintain motivation.

Life Coach Training & Certification

Life Coach Training

Coach Training EDU is the first coaching training company to be approved by the ICF to offer Life Coach Training and Certification specifically for educators and those wanting to work as life coaches for high school and college students. The training covers core life coaching fundamentals, concepts specific to young people, and how to establish a successful Academic Life Coaching practice.


  • I wish every teacher was as cool as my coach.

    Tony Morello
    Tony Morello Academic Life Coaching grad, Ashland, Oregon
  • I’m now requiring all my counsellors to go through the training. I’ve found it to be an essential part of our value added proposition to families and local schools.

    Justine Campbell
    Justine Campbell Mindquest Group, Hong Kong, China
  • Your training has helped us expand our reach and services to the students who need it most. Thank you for your generosity and passion in the field of education.

    Pravienna Nadoo
    Pravienna Nadoo Brain Dynamics, Johannesburgh, South Africa