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Academic Life Coaching Reunion and Conference

When: June 25th and 26th 2016

Where: Portland, Oregon

Why: It is time to get the Academic Life Coaching community together! All coaches who have completed the Academic Life Coach Training Program are invited to the first ever ALC Reunion and Conference. Join us to expand your knowledge of life coaching, get to know your ALC colleagues, and have an unforgettable weekend in the city of roses. The details of this event are still in the making, but keep checking back for more information!

Upcoming events

Life Coaching Events for ALC Coaches

Monthly ALC Info Meet-Up (AIM)

When: First Tuesday of every month

Where: Online

Why: Have your questions answered and discuss various topics related to life coaching with your ALC colleagues. Each month’s meeting will focus on a specific topic related to life coaching for students. In these virtual meet-ups, you will be able to share ideas and gain support as you build your life coaching practice and change students’ lives. To receive email reminders and more information about upcoming AIM meetings, click here.

Upcoming events

Past Events

Live Events

“Acquiring the Skills of Fulfilled and Successful People”

Educational Forum on Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Workshop presented by John Williams, Founder of Academic Life Coaching and Academic Life Coach Hayden Lee in Anaheim, California

As traditional schools focus on delivering academic content, the formal development of character strengths through enhancing self-knowledge, creativity and leadership, may be ignored. Yet, addressing successfully today’s global complexity and competitiveness requires positive personal qualities as much as it does a firm foundation of knowledge. Strengthening character, as research has shown, can be accomplished through the development of certain skills – skills that have proven to be useful in one’s fulfillment through adulthood. Learn about these skills and obtain a toolkit that you, as parent or teen, may apply as you chart a path through high school, the college application, and beyond.

“How to Maximize Your Strengths”

Educational Forum at Wesleyan University on Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Workshop presented by John Williams, Founder of Academic Life Coaching in Middletown, Connecticut

Curious about how to exercise your particular brand of leadership? Looking for a way to channel the motivation and excitement of your passions into other areas of your life? Have you ever wondered why your engagement and performance in a class can change so drastically with a different teacher? We each have different styles of motivation, intelligence, communication and leadership. Being aware of your particular style – even going to far as to acknowledge the patterns you follow when you structure your thoughts and create habits – make the difference between doing well and truly excelling. This interactive workshop explores tools used in the Academic Life Coaching program to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself (and perhaps your parents!) that will impact your decisions on how best to approach high school, college, and beyond.


“How the Best Become the Best – Optimal Teen Performance”

June 6th, 2012

In the next Academic Life Coaching teleseminar, John will be joined by Brian A. Davidson, a doctoral student of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Kansas to discuss his research surrounding the relationship between positive psychology and optimal human development. Brian’s goal is to “empower future teachers to develop classroom skills and strategies to promote healthy student behavior and optimal academic functioning.”

“What were they thinking?! Understanding the Teenage Brain”

May 16th, 2012

As parents and educators try to unravel the behavior and choices of teenagers, one of the most common phrases they utter in frustration is “What were they thinking?!” The teenage brain is a complex and often confusing mix between the impulses of a child and the reasoning of an adult. Teenagers who have the opportunity to gain skills in Emotional Intelligence and understand how to manage their motivation help bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood.

“Coaching Training – Changes in Education for the 21st Century”

December 27th, 2012

Please join John for an information session about Academic Life Coaching training programs at 4pm (PST) on Thursday, December 27th. John will discuss the role of life coaching practices in the evolving field of education in the 21st Century. Talk about training logistics and business building as well as your own questions about a career in coaching.

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