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Busting Limiting Beliefs

Busting Limiting Beliefs takes the Assumption Chart one step further. The Assumption Chart shows how assumptions work, while this exercise hones in on just one aspect. This exercise serves as a tool to identify students’ limiting beliefs based on their assumptions about themselves, and shows them their ability to take initiative and design how they want to interact with the world.

The purpose of this exercise is to give students the practice and confidence of being able to identify a belief based on past actions that are holding them back in the present and will do so in the future if the belief is not abolished. This exercise will show them how to alter their belief so the future can become a blank slate for which positive growth can fill. They’ll see that by creating a new system of beliefs and perspectives, they can manifest an alternative outcome–a different action.

A strategic point in this exercise is looking for those counter-examples to the limiting beliefs. It provides a window into what it would look like if a student took a different action from a newfound perspective, which will lead to fresh evidence.

Achievements are made most easily through enriching rather than limiting beliefs.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

Limiting beliefs are easy to bust when you get into the habit of recognizing them. The key is to recognize areas in which you are struggling and determine what underlying beliefs you have about yourself or the tasks that are not helpful. Once identified, you can use the assumption chart or this quicker, more to-the-point busting limiting beliefs exercise to realign your beliefs to best serve you:

Tough areas or results that aren’t what you want:

Beliefs about yourself/task:

Circle helpful beliefs

Cross out limiting beliefs

It may be a stretch or easy for you to switch out the opposite of a limiting belief, but when you do choose an empowering belief you start to look for the evidence that it’s true. Your ability to build on what’s working is a great skill to have in your tool belt.

Write the opposite of limiting beliefs below.

Write out what different actions you’d take based on positive beliefs.



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