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Motivation Styles

Helping students become more motivated is one of the primary reasons parents and families seek out Academic Life Coaching. We found it’s helpful to directly address motivation and help students become aware of their unique motivation style. We found that when students are aware of their style, they make better choices and are better able to keep themselves motivated and moving forward.

In the text below, you’ll find the description of each of the three factors that make up your unique motivation style.

Each of these factors are equally important.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

Life Coaching is designed to get you moving into action. Much of the magic in coaching comes from sparking motivation to do things differently. Harnessing motivation can be a challenge, but it’s also one of the key skills for young people to master to lead an effective life.

The purpose of this section is to help you become more aware of the kinds of motivation available, and the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each type of motivation.

The Academic Life Coaching Program looks at three distinctions in motivation styles to give you a better understanding of the factors of motivation and your specific mix that works best for them.

Those three factors are:

  1. Conditional vs. Intrinsic
  2. Away from Bad Stuff vs. Toward Good Stuff
  3. Sake of Self vs. Sake of Others

In the Academic Life Coaching Program, it’s essential to know and understand the different kinds of motivation and motivation styles. Especially with teenagers, who are just forming the styles they will use the most, knowing the different kinds of motivation can set a high school student up to succeed the rest of their academic career.

Once you are more aware of the different kinds and styles of motivation, you can more consciously tap into those that work the best for them. The outcomes are becoming more self-aware, confident that you can get yourself moving when you need to, and less stressed because you are both kinder to yourself and actually excited to get the work that needs to get done.


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