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Designing the Future

At this point in the Academic Life Coaching program, it’s time to plan the future. The first step is to create an outline of what further steps your child can take while incorporating all of the skills and tools of the Academic Life Coaching Program. The concept is to look at what further well-designed actions (aka well-formed outcomes) can aid in your child’s continual progress.

This concept is useful at this point because your student will generally have some outcomes they’ll want to achieve while issuing their community project. It’s useful specifically because it gives the idea that this is a cyclical process, and takes practice to integrate into your life.

How to Best Support Your Teenager in a Life Coaching Program

My simple recommendation is to become curious and ask yourself what’s working and what’s not. Use your child’s life coach and the life coaching process as the starting point to create the initial action, and ask your child’s coach what recommendations he or she has on what you can do to best support your child. It’s also helpful to ask your kid what you can do that would be helpful. And if you’re asking yourself if it is better to be more involved and get the task completed or let your child sink or swim, I tend to go to the more involved side.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

Just like life, after the celebration, comes the work of getting to the next level. Incorporating your recent successes – and imagining a new set of successes in the coming year – create a vision for yourself a year from now. From that point in the future, look back on what you have accomplished. Capture that vision either in a sound recording or draw it out on paper. Then listen to your recording or post the paper in a place you’ll often see it. The more you tap into that vision and take action steps while looking at the system you need to use to get there, the more effective and fulfilled your life will become.

Here’s space for you to take notes on that vision:

To make the process even more tangible, let’s first break down the vision into three Well-Formed Outcomes then look at what systems you can create that will help you achieve that vision.

Well-Formed Outcome #1:

Structures/Systems You Can Add:

Well-Formed Outcome #2:

Structures/Systems You Can Add:

Well-Formed Outcome #3:

Structures/Systems You Can Add:


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