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Leadership Styles with Core Motivation

This is an opportunity to revisit the core motivation your student was initially introduced to in the first couple of sessions. You can find more information in my book, Core Motivation, or a seven-page handout that’s available at this link: Core Motivation Handout (PDF)

This exercise links the student’s core motivation and natural strength of their personality to the project at hand. It’s looking specifically at which leadership strengths your child demonstrates and how they can utilize those strengths to perform service to others through passion.

This concept can only be understood and attained on a personal basis, which we’ve worked on developing throughout the program. It’s combining the insights and breakthroughs during each session and applying them to a project and promotion of themselves. It helps students use their natural strengths to accomplish something remarkable.

How to Best Support Your Child

By understanding your core motivation and how your leadership and strengths manifest when you consider your actions, you will have a shared experience to spark an insightful conversation with your child. Core motivation also offers a way to communicate more effectively between core motivation types. You can foster those strengths in your personality as well as in the personality of your child.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

You’ve come a long way, and now it’s time to look again at your core motivation and the specific challenges and natural styles of leadership. Leadership is about how well you can work with others and share your vision of what you want to create.


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