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Trademarked Values

One of the core tenets of life coaching is that each individual has their own unique set of values. If we are aware of our values and actively look to emphasize those values, we will be happier and more fulfilled.

A value is an aspect of life we regard as worthy and deem as important. Most people value family and friends above all else. In life coaching, we’re interested in digging deeper and figuring out what specifically we value in our relationships with others–what sharing moments we hold dear to us. Most students are unclear about these values. By developing a clearer insight into these values, we create a simple equation for living a more fulfilled life filled with happiness.

Once a student has identified a couple of core values, the next step is to create unique names, so the client can easily remember the values when he or she wants to refer back. Having a unique name is crucial. In the busyness of our lives, we often forget what is most important to us.

When working with a coach your student has the opportunity to have the experience of exploring what it is that’s most valuable to them. It’s really a priceless experience, and once you have your values clarified, the next step then is thinking about the steps that you can take to create more of those values in your life.

How You Can Best Support Your Child

The best way you can support your child is understanding the difference between a value, moral, and an ethic. Talk to your child about their values and share your own, as well as how you honor them. It’s crucially important to show your child that your actions line up with your values. It’s all about the steps you take as a parent, because actions give clues into what you really think is most important.

It’s also important to understand those values that people have in common, as well as understanding the differentiating values among people, which is just as important. Understanding the differences is crucially important in regards to a familial relationship.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

Value comes from the Latin word “valere”meaning to be strong or fare well. Values are literally those things in our lives that fortify us and are of worth. They are unique to each of us. This exercise is designed to help you recognize your top five values and treat them like they are your trademark. Once you clarify those values and find ways to include more of them in your life you will be on the path to fulfillment. Below, list and describe your values.

Value #1:


Value #2:


Value #3:


Value #4:


Value #5:



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