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Core Motivation Check-Up

The placement of this exercise allows the students to reevaluate based on their shifting ideas of who they are and what they’re capable of accomplishing. Applying the most recent sessions with the core motivation, it becomes an extremely powerful combination for students in changing their perspectives.

How to Best Support Your Child

As a parent the best way you can help is to be aware of your own core motivation and to spark conversations about what that means in the way that you can best communicate with your child. They can communicate to you the motivations and powerful exercises they’ve just learned, powerful tools that boost self-awareness and emotional intelligence and lead to a meaningful conversation.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

The main benefit of knowing your core motivation is being able to separate it from you. Although your core motivation is an essential part of your personality, you are not your personality alone. Your personality is a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Once you have the ability to see your personality and manage it, you’re able to account for your tendencies, break habits that you no longer want, and create habits that will best serve you.

Below is an exercise for better understanding your core motivation:

Strengths of your core motivation:

Weaknesses of your core motivation:

When you know you’re doing really well:

When you know that you’re in trouble:

How you recover back to an empowered perspective:


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