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Completion Details

Completion is an opportunity for your child and coach to celebrate the program and finish the Academic Life Coaching program mindfully. You probably have more sessions lined up on a less frequent basis yet it’s still valuable to mark this occasion as the completion of the first stage in the Academic Life Coaching program.

Completion is useful because it helps mark the end of a program and the beginning of the next phase. It’s also a chance to express any last thoughts and an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution and effort both people have made throughout the program.

How to Best Support Your Child

You can best support your child by explaining what you’ve learned from watching and participating in the Academic Life Coaching program from your point of view.  You’ve also had the opportunity to experience many of these skills and concepts and to see them second-hand in your child as well as first-hand in your own life.  You can continue to support your child by reminding them of certain concepts and remind them to recover in order to get their work completed.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

Congratulations on finishing the Academic Life Coaching program!

Throughout this program, you have amassed an impressive set of tools to help you succeed academically, personally, and as a leader. The program is cyclical. By going back through the exercises, seeing where you were when you went through the first or second time and how far you’ve come, you bring a new understanding of how you can fit all the parts of the program together. The power of the program isn’t in its one-time application. These concepts are meant to be woven into your life so that you naturally live your life while being conscious of your values and the choices that you are making. You know how to choose a powerful perspective and recover from it when something knocks you off. You understand the importance of living a life on mission and how exciting it is to start to see a leadership project become a reality.

I invite you to continue your journey and to contribute to the Academic Life Coaching community online through our website and blog, The more people in this community move forward, the stronger the tide, and the more everyone benefits. Now is the time to take a few moments to say what you need to say to be complete with the program and with your coach. And it’s a good time to perhaps design how you’ll work together in the future.


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