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Celebration is an underrated and misunderstood skill. Most people don’t take the time to celebrate meaningful actions undertaken in their lives. Celebrations help people lean toward a style of motivation that is useful, healthy, and more sustainable over the long run.

In this exercise, your coach will lead your child through another Wheel of Life. It’s useful to compare this Wheel of Life with the one that you instituted earlier in the program. It’s usually been about three or four months since you started the Academic Life Coaching program and you’ve had opportunities to shift around some major values and goals.

When you’re looking at the Academic Life Coaching program or are engaged in any kind of sustained personal growth, sometimes it’s a challenge to be self-aware and evaluate the changes happening around you and within. This exercise is useful because it takes a conscious look at what has been so useful and what action steps your child has taken over the past three months.

This concept also is extremely useful in helping students continue to be motivated toward what they want, in moderation, which is more sustainable over the long run.

How to Best Support Your Child

Determine some way to celebrate their achievements over the last three-four months. The accomplishment can be tied to a leadership project or their mission statement, or another achievement you admire as a result of this Academic Life Coaching program.

Celebration among groups is also really important, so you might look at your calendar for the next opportunity the whole family will be together and set a date for a celebration around that time. Celebrating is a skill in knowing when to celebrate and how to celebrate in a meaningful way.

From the Academic Life Coaching Workbook

It’s important to take time to celebrate the successes. In the fast pace of contemporary life successes quickly become a part of the past while a hunger for yet more in the present and future remains.

In this wheel, write your current level of satisfaction with each area of your life. Determine your three biggest successes, and celebrate with your coach. 

Write out your three biggest successes over the past three months:


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