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ALC Sports Training Program

The ALC Sport Coach Training program is designed for coaches who are specifically interested in working with student athletes. The training program combines concepts from positive and sport psychology to prepare you to help student athletes reach both their physical and mental peak performance.


The ALC Sport Training Program covers concepts and tools that can be used in conjunction with those covered in the 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program to address student athletes’ particular academic and athletic needs. Topics covered in the 12-weeks training program include:

  • Growth vs. fixed mindset and the importance of flow
  • Strengths, vulnerability, and purpose as it relates to individual and team success
  • Neuroscience of winning/losing and injury/recovery

And much more!


The ALC Sport Training Program meets once a week for 12 weeks. Classes meet live, via webinar, and are led by the founder of Academy of Coach Training, John Williams. Each class meeting includes time for discussion, questions, and coaching practice.


Upon completion, you will receive an official letter of completion from Academy of Coach Training, and your training hours can be applied to your coach training hours for International Coach Federation (ICF) certification.

This particular training program is designed as an add-on to any of Academy of Coach Training’s programs, and completion of the program does not result in its own specific certification.


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