Priscilla Konig


    Priscilla Konig, is a Psychological Clinical expert, focusing on holistic Wellbeing. She’s also certified in a Academic Life Coach , Bachelor degree in Accounting and certified in SAP MM. She was diagnosed ADD overfocus in October, 2014. Less stress by having unconditional system was the most significant factor of the recovery progress. She believes that no one should walk the recovery journey alone. When genuine community is built, we can help each other grow. She also believe in body-mind-spirit therapy combination for a great recovery result. 

    She was inspired to create Stress Management Indonesia on October 7th, 2014, a healthy-life movement by building a mentally and physically healthy community focusing on providing the right information and the most suitable solution for managing mental health in holistic way. Walk together with awesome partners whom expertise in field with proven track record.

    Fun Facts About Priscilla Konig

    • She enjoys volunteering as Sunday School Teacher for 4-5 and 6-7 age. 

    Why Academic Life Coaching

    The Academic Life Coaching Program helps you to find and maintain balance in life. You will learn to be more positive, to discover you own self once again and to practice self-acceptance more. You will be much happier and worry less.

    What is great about Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hectic Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and has a rather unfortunate nickname as it is often referred to as the ‘Big Durian’ in reference to the famously pungent Southeast Asian fruit. Many tourists treat Jakarta as an entry and exit point to Indonesia, but if you are passing through the city and have some time to spare then there are a wide range of attractions to enjoy from quirky museums to a variety of national monuments.

    Jakarta is also a great place to learn more about Indonesia’s complicated history, and you can visit a variety of culturally and historically significant locations such as the old town and the port which will give you a glimpse of how the city would have looked in past times. As well as harking back to the days of old, Jakarta is one of the most modern cities in Indonesia, and you can spend time embracing this cutting edge side to the city at its famous malls, bars, and restaurants. Jakarta may be crowded, loud, and busy, but it certainly isn’t boring.

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