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Core Motivation – How Using Your Unique Motivation Style Can Set You Free

Core Motivation book began as notes and suggestions given to high school students and their parents to better understand each other. It is now used as part of a foundation to help students become more self-aware and lead engaged and effective lives. If Core Motivation can work for parents and their teenagers, it can work for you!

“I always had a problem focusing on work even if I was interested in what I was doing. But after reading Core Motivation it really helped me develop my own unique ways to stay on task which has really saved my career.” -Julie Yates
“My son has struggled with getting his school work done and often procrastinated till the last minute but after reading Core Motivation I have seen a real change in the way he approaches his grades. Now he’s ready to head off to college with a whole bunch of useful tools to help him succeed there too!” -Carol Fritz
“Core Motivation brought me and my mother closer together through a shared desire to improve our well-being and relationship. It’s worked for us both and I would recommend it to anyone struggling with stress caused by a large workload! Core Motivation teaches helpful organization and prioritization tools as well as upholding an understanding of a happy balanced life.” -Suzie B.

Life Coaching Books

Essential Life Coaching

Drawing on his years of experience working with students and training Academic Life Coaches, John Andrew Williams brings these 34 essential elements of Life Coaching together to provide the framework for creating a successful Client-Coach Relationship. In addition to addressing What, Why and How John also includes sample dialogues between a coach and client and real-world examples.

“This book is a requirement for anyone interested in becoming a successful life Coach!” -Barney Phillips
“After finally becoming a certified life coach I wasn’t sure exactly how to get started but this book serves as the best guide to connecting with teens and becoming real life mentors.” -Harold Smith
“I’ve been a life coach for a few years now and I would recommend this book to anyone engaging with teens. John has crafted a great guide to understanding and connecting with teenagers who might otherwise be withdrawn or ‘misunderstood.'” -Kathy Roberts

Life Coaching Books


This book shows students how to overcome stress and anxieties with high school, while empowering them to succeed. Future Proofed is organized into easy to read essays that accompany illustrations. Each essay contains steps of action in order to effectively navigate high school. The concepts revolve around life skills and tools that allow for now and future success even beyond high school.

“The education system has changed a lot since I was in school so Future-Proofed was a real eye-opening experience that gave me the tools to better understand my kids and support them.” -David Sterling
“I bought this book for my daughter in hopes that it might help her better prepare for college and my intuition was right! After she cracked open the first chapter I saw immediate changes in her behavior towards school and grades. After reading it myself, we were both able to engage in some serious conversation about what the future had in store for her. Definitely a must-read for student and parent.” -Rachel Hill
“I have been a high school teacher for about five years now and I found Future-Proofed to be extremely helpful in communicating with young people. It has given me numerous discussion topics for class and methods for me to use to help those struggling in my classes. Now I consider it a valuable resource in my classroom.” -Hilary Jones

Life Coaching Books

The Academic Life Coaching Student Workbook

“The Workbook is full of fun, insightful activities that keep teens engaged and interested in the topic at hand. The workbook is a great guide to smooth communication and deep conversation sure to encourage a lasting relationship between coach and client.” -Karrie Weaver

“The Academic Life Coaching Workbook has helped me develop long-lasting relationships with my clients which keeps them calling back even after our sessions are over.” -Jack Pike

“I love using the Workbook in my classes because it really stimulates the learning. I have been able to use the activities effectively and I’ve already seen the changes in my students.” -Abigail Rogers

Life Coaching Books
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