How to Start Your Life Coaching Career

The process of starting your own life coaching business can be daunting and overwhelming.  Paving your path in a brand new business sector is intimidating, and many coaches are unsure about exactly where they should train, how they can get certified, and where they find their first paying clients. Academy of Coach Training is passionate about helping coaches create successful businesses. Once enrolled in a training program, you receive a variety of business-building materials and tools to help you launch a coaching practice and find your first paying clients. In the meantime, there are some additional tips and tricks to help you get started below.

Start Your Life Coach Career – Life coach requirements

Choose a Specialization

Although life coaching concepts are universal, if you are serious about your career, you must also be serious about choosing a coaching specialization. Marketing and advertising general life coaching is difficult, and coaches who say they coach everyone are typically not very successful. Selecting a niche, whether it is academic, executive, health, career, etc., is the most effective way of launching your coaching business. You can always choose to expand and add on to your services in the future.

With the 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program, you are already prepared to specialize in working with young people. Because the program is foundational, you will also have an excellent base if you would like to expand your services in the future (into the wellness or executive coaching fields for example).

Talk About Coaching in Everyday Language

Marketing and selling coaching can be really difficult, because, let’s face it, you are essentially selling an intangible product of the future. People like what they understand, and they do not understand all of the coaching terms you learned in your training. When discussing the type of work you do or the services you offer, it is important to talk about them in everyday language that people get.

For example, Academic Life Coaching is all about helping students cultivate skills and tools for being successful adults. That is an honorable mission, but that does not tell parents what they are paying for or what the student is really going to get out of it. In everyday language, Academic Life Coaching help student improve grades and increase motivation.

Embrace Your Network

Networking can seem more like a mysterious process of meeting people than a means of getting business. However, in reality, it is a fancy word for sharing what you do and paying attention to what other people do, and reaching out to continue conversations. It is important to reach out to other professionals in your field and share ideas and support.

Additionally, as a life coach who is trying to help young people live better lives, people want to help you. You are one of the good guys, trying to fight against evil video games or relational bullying, to get kids to tap into their talent and thrive. You will find that discussing the work you do and gaining support is actually much easier than it seems.

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