Sample Training Materials

Academy of Coach Training provides Academic Life Coach Training to educators and professionals wishing to utilize life coaching skills with students. The training focuses on a core set of life coaching skills and exercises specifically tailored to middle, secondary, and college students. Below are a variety of sample materials from the 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program offered through Academy of Coach Training.

Free Life Coaching Training Materials

Training Texts

The 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program includes access to a pdf version and hard copy of the Super Training Guide (the textbook for the course). This guide covers all training topics, and the 24 chapters correspond with the 24 weeks of training.

Sample Training Agenda
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Excerpt from the Super Training Guide
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Training Recordings

All of the training lectures are pre-recorded, so your time spent in class each week will focus on discussion, Q&A, and practice coaching. The pre-recorded lectures can be found on SoundCloud playlists, like the one below.

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