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Providing Guidance with Empowerment

Importance of college advisors

Value of coaching (general)

Vision and success of combining the two (reference schools we have worked with)


Developmental Advising –

What students want in advising –

about 6 research articles linked to this page (See)

Wearing Two Hats: College Advisor and College Coach

The Work of a College Advisor


The Work of a College Coach


When, and How, to Switch Hats


Foundation for a College Advisor Who Coaches

Active Listening Versus Problem Solving


Powerful Questions Versus Telling


Agenda Setting, Agenda Setting, Agenda Setting

The clearer an agenda, the better a session. Ideally, every session (whether advising or coaching) will implement coaching’s style of agenda setting to save time and develop clearer

Reference TIME – Build TIME visual that shows how stepping out of coaching works at each point.


Using Coaching Tools Efficiently

Organize Your Tools

Helpfulness of having a clear set of tools that tend to help in given situations with students.

Reference basic tool guide (improve visual appeal and brand as CTE)

Practice a Few Tools at a Time

Explain how overwhelming it can be to balance applying basic coaching skills and implementing a variety of tools

Encourage choosing about 2 tools per type of session to practice, adding to that amount as work becomes more familiar

When to Just Coach

Recognition that tools are not where the most value in coaching can be found -> Pure coaching can be the most effective

When to just coach: As a college advisor becomes more comfortable implementing coaching conversations into their schedule, more confident in the coaching process, comes from focus on practice – Training reference

Becoming a College Advisor-Coaching Team

Working together as an organization -> Reference to getting in touch with ALC/CTE team for pre-sales conversation

Getting training together as a team – Practice, Practice, Practice

Supporting the implementation

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