What is Academic Life Coaching ?

Student Success Coaching 

Academic Life Coaching uses the challenge of grades to help students work on Emotional Intelligence and other skills and increase self-awareness.

Academic Life Coaching

What will the Academic Life Coaching Program help my teen achieve?


Grades and motivation

This is one of the most common concerns of parents and an area we address with coaching. The Academic Life Coaching program uses the challenge of grades to help students work on Emotional Intelligence and other skills, such as increasing their self-awareness, so that they know exactly how they study best and why they get the grades that they do.


Social and leadership skills

Since schools are primarily focused on academic work, they often don’t have the time or resources to developing teen leadership skills. ALC students learn how to exercise leadership in ways that are meaningful to them, such as starting a business or excelling in their art.


Anxiety about the future and the college application process

We are not traditional college counselors, nor does the Academic Life Coaching program spend a lot of time on the details of a college application. However, the skill set that students are learning in ALC is useful for many aspects of the college application and can address sources of anxiety. We simply apply the concepts of the ALC program to the college application as if it is a project. For instance, an application essay is can be approached as an exercise in increasing self-awareness and communication.

How can I measure the success of the coaching?

In the introductory session of the Academic Life Coaching program, a coach, student, and family will determine the measurements of success. Each family has a unique answer, but the answer usually follows the same pattern. It’s usually comprised of these three elements: doing well academically as measured by grades, being more confident as measured by poise in social situations and attitudes about abilities, and exercising leadership as measured by being proactive in pursuing a project or passion outside of the classroom. College acceptance is a also a common measurement that parents and students care about.


How do you track the progress of a student?

Over the course of the Academic Life Coaching program, we keep a close eye on each student’s progress. For example, we keep track if a student is using her planner and following her specific study plan. We’ve found that measuring certain elements of behavior and habits naturally lead to other results.

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