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For students applying to undergraduate and graduate school, the Academic Life Coaching Program has had remarkable success in preparing and supporting students in the application process. Our clients have been so successful applying to college because the Academic Life Coaching Program specifically addresses the skills (such as self-awareness, communication, and personal leadership) that college admissions officers are looking for.

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How can Academic Life Coaching help?

College admissions officers are looking for emotionally intelligent, self-aware leaders who can communicate effectively and bring a variety of skills to the table. Throughout the Academic Life Coaching Program, students will develop all of the skills that colleges and universities are looking for (plus some), and they will feel more empowered than ever to select a school, decide on a field of study, and make plans for the future.


What do Academic Life Coaches focus on when college consulting?

Because the college admissions process is so particular, Academic Life Coaches can tailor a student’s coaching experience to help them get to where they want to be. Typically, coaches will focus on three main things if students are focused on getting into college during their coaching:

  • Building students’ core skill sets to naturally create a strong application. Plain and simple, the Academic Life Coaching Program provides students with the skills that college admissions officers are looking for
  • Finding a great fit college. One of the biggest reasons that students seek help from their coach in the college admissions process is that they do not know which school is right for them. Academic Life Coaches are trained to prompt students with just the right questions to help them reflect and make this decision.
  • Guiding students through each aspect of the college application process. Students tend to get stressed out about all of the paperwork and deadlines associated with college admissions. Coaches can help students create systems and well-designed actions to meet and navigate deadlines throughout the admissions process.


Additional Support Academic Life Coaches Can Provide

  • Advice about each facet of the college admission and scholarship application process
  • Personal leadership and communication skills to enhance the application
  • Consultation about class selection
  • Recommendations about colleges, student positioning, and scholarships
  • Review of writing such as class assignments and college essays
  • Consultation on SAT prep
  • Recommendations about summer programs
  • Feedback about how to display sports, extracurricular activities, and achievements on the application
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