Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a valuable process that helps you become a better, more effective life coach. Receiving mentor coaching is also part of the ICF’s requirements for certification.

The process can seem daunting, and having someone listen to your coaching can be intimidating at first. However, the feedback you will receive throughout your mentor coaching sessions will focus on positive and forward thinking. All of Coach Training EDU’s trainers and mentor coaches use Marshall Goldsmith’s idea of feedforward, rather than feedback. This model focuses on your future potential as a coach, rather than the past mistakes you made.

Mentor Coaching

What is Mentor Coaching?

Officially defined, mentoring is a relationship between two people where the mentor has already achieved what the person being mentored wants to achieve.

Mentoring is a relationship designed to help you gain a specific skill set and achieve goals within a field. It has more focus and advice giving from the mentor than you would get from working with a life coach.

If you are thinking about hiring a mentor coach it means a few things:

  • You are serious about become a better life coach. That’s good.
  • You are looking into becoming certified through the ICF (International Coach Federation). That’s also good. (One of the requirements to become a certified ICF coach is to receive 10 hours of mentor coaching.)

Mentor coaching combines two forms of a person professionally helping another person out: mentoring and life coaching. When you combine mentoring with life coaching, magic happens.

One-On-One Mentor Coaching

Both the 1.0 ALC and 2.0 Coach Training Programs include 3.5 hours of one-on-one mentor coaching through your coach-client overviews. You will schedule your overviews throughout your training, with your trainer. Your coach trainer will review a recording of your coaching according to the core competencies set out by the ICF, and you will receive feedback to incorporate into your next coaching session. These one-to-one mentor coaching sessions set the stage for group mentor coaching.

Group Mentor Coaching

Coach Training EDU also offers mentor coaching in small groups. Group sizes range between 4 to 8 coaches, and a new mentor group starts approximately every 3 months. Groups meet once a week for an hour. During the group meeting, you will get a chance to both give and receive feedback. Everyone in the group will take turns playing their coaching recordings, and you will all provide insights, feedback, and ideas to one another.

Most coaches start group mentor coaching within a few months of finishing their initial training (the 1.0 Academic Life Coach Training Program). The idea is for you to have a client (or clients) that you are working with and that you can record coaching sessions with.

Group mentor coaching can be added on to your training for $500.

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