Academic Life Coaching Certification: Session Overviews

The most useful, and often most overlooked, parts of the training process are the coach-client overviews. Reviewing your coaching and receiving feedback from a mentor is priceless. Most coaches admit to being nervous about completing their overviews at first, but they rave about the experience after and appreciate the learning experience.

Academic Life Coaching Certification Session Overviews

Reasons Why Coach-Client Overviews Are So Useful

There are a number of reasons why reviewing your coaching with a mentor coach is useful, but here are just a few:

  • You get to listen to yourself coach. Just listening to yourself coach will give you a vast amount of information and make you a better coach. You will gain some remarkable insights.
  • You get to receive feedback on your coaching. It seems that a common first assumption is that listening to yourself coach, especially listening to yourself coach with someone else who is going to be giving you critical feedback, is painful. Sure, it may not be the most pleasant experience at first, but once you hear yourself coach, see what you are doing right, and get tangible feedback to help you reach the next level, you will feel that the experience is priceless. You will leave your overview with action steps to make you a better coach, and it will feel great.
  • You get to include your feedback in your next client session. When you include the feedback in your next client session, and hear the difference that the feedback makes, it gives you a boost. You can actually chart your progress and this really is a cause to celebrate and gain confidence in your life coaching skills.

How Do Coach-Client Overviews Work?

During each of your coach-client overviews, you and your trainer will listen together to your recording via phone. You will need to complete four overviews throughout your training, at weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24. The due dates for each overview are spread out so that you can incorporate the feedback you get from your overviews into your next life coaching sessions. This process will help you break habits that are not useful and hone those that are working well. The following steps are helpful when planning and preparing for you overviews:

  1. Enroll a practice client and ask permission to create an audio recording for the purposes of completing your training requirements.
  2. Record each session. The simple voice memo on your phone will be just fine, or you can use another recording device.
  3. Check the sound quality. Please play the recording on your computer or phone to check the sound quality. You will need to be able to hear both you and your life coaching client.
  4. Make sure it is easy to play on your computer with a good speakerphone, or send your recording to your trainer.
  5. Make an appointment with your trainer.
  6. Enjoy your first coach-client overview! You did the work, now it’s time to enjoy it and get some useful feedback to make your coaching even better.
  7. Incorporate the feedback into your next life coaching session with your practice client, and repeat the process. You can use the same practice client for all three recordings, or you can change it up. The main point is to get some high quality track of you as a life coach working with your client.
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