The Power of Clarity

April 27, 2016 by John Andrew Williams

I love what I do. Six times a week I lead a coach training course, online, from my home office, with participants all over the world. I have been doing this for years, and my favorite part of each training is always the debrief after practice coaching.

The concept of “the power of clarity” was brought up in a debrief just yesterday, and it was a concept that seemed familiar, yet new.

Clarity is considered a good thing. By definition it makes things clearer. It makes decisions easier, and it makes moving into action more exciting.

To achieve clarity, many people focus on what is wanted. However, cutting out what you don’t want is perhaps more useful.

When I see students struggling to stay motivated or focused, it is because they have too much outside noise demanding their attention. They are preoccupied by text messages from friends or incoming snapchats. Their minds are wandering to what they are going to do after they finish homework or the following weekend.

When I see coaches struggling to build a coaching practice, it is because they have not brought the target audience that they want to serve into focus.

The problem with motivation is not solved by trying to put something else in place as much as it is to cut away the outside distractions. The real power of clarity, as it relates to motivation, is not bringing something into focus. Instead, it is putting all the surrounding distractions out of focus.

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