Success and Feedback

December 09, 2012 by John Andrew Williams

Is this working?

What do I need to do to be successful?

Do you have enough ________ to make it work?

Am I taking too much risk?

Am I taking too little risk?

While in school, students get daily to weekly feedback on their work in the form of grades. The timeline is short and they get a sense of how they are doing with copious feedback.

What I’ve learned about growing a Life Coaching business is that the work is linear. Work happens in a set number of hours each week. Yet, outside feedback on that work happens on a much longer timeline. Monthly? Quarterly? You have to learn to rely on your own internal feedback to determine how each day went.

One of the challenges that students need to learn, is how to train themselves to respond to their internal feedback and undertake projects with longer time-lines. It’s the reason why the “Senior Project” is so daunting or the college application process is so stressful. Students aren’t used to putting together projects that last longer than a month.

A wise route to take is making sure the Senior Project or college application isn’t the first or second project a student undertakes with a long feedback timeline. It takes practice!

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